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TestPro Multi-function FO and Cu Cable Tester

Key Features

  • Scalable and flexible– The TestPro 100 comes with optional detachable adapters that enable a wide variety of test functions to cater to the needs of today’s network infrastructures, as well as to easily scale to cater for future requirements.
  • Autotest feature– The auto-test feature of the TestPro 100 is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure that cabling links will support the desired network rate.
  • PoE testing– The AD_NETPOE adapter on the TestPro 100 provides the most comprehensive testing for verifying PoE deployments. It supports all PoE standards including the 90W 802.3 bt standard. In addition, it also allows for sustained loading of the PoE source over longer periods, through external loads.
  • Copper Cable Certification Testing– The higher end TestPro CV100 is the most sophisticated RF measurement engine in any handheld tester. Able to support up to 3GHz frequency range, and testing all mode combination parameters (including TCL), it exceeds the level 2G accuracy specifications for copper certification testing.
  • Fiber Optic Certification Testing– TestPro’s fiber optic measurements provide Tier-1 certification per industry standards as well as customizable limits for both Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Optic premise cabling. Additionally, these adapters include an integrated VFL to provide a quick indication of a break in the wire, as well as an integrated connection port for measuring electrical voltage for hybrid powered fiber applications in support of smart building initiatives.
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