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Next generation technologies like 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT, connected automobile, electrical vehicles, data centers, smart cities, smart buildings, private and public cloud and SDN/NFV are driving the demand for data. Infact Big data is unparalleled tool for global development initiatives.

With advent of new technology and new applications and demand for high speed low latency loss less packet networks and next generation digital infrastructure deployment needs new generation technology test tools to address the deployment challenges.

Automotive and Electrical vehicles are increasingly dependent on high data rates and clean communication channels are essentials for automotive industry and they are increasingly deploying single pair Ethernet (SPE) for in-vehicle communications.

IoT connected devices that require Power over Ethernet (PoE) are proliferating at a rapid pace, adding one more layer of complexity for IoT device installers, network owners, and cabling contractors.

For the next generation professionals to succeed it is vital to have new generation tools. TestPro, WideOptix and MMVNA fiber optic and copper cable testers enables easy deployment of digital infrastructure and applications.


Key Advantages

  • Reduced cost of ownership of standard based cable certification testers
  • Reduced testing time – Fastest cable tester in the market for CAT 6A Autotest at 6 seconds
  • Enables newly installed and existing cabling infrastructure support Multi-Gigabit rates
  • POE testing – support increasing number of Power over Ethernet devices
    • Ability to test loaded PoE to all standards including 802.3 at/af/bt up to 90W
  • Right test tools to pinpoint the exact cause of the problems and solve them.
  • For data centers, error-free operation at 10G and higher speeds is essential, leading to the use of high-end CAT6A and CAT8 cable testing.
  • IEEE 802.3bzMulti-Gig testing of 1G, 2.5G, 5 Gbps and 10G performance testing
  • Automotive Cable and Component testing:
    • MMVNA is designed with manufacturing test requirements for automotive cabling.
    • MMVNA ability to perform mixed-mode S-parameter testing in single-ended or dual ended configuration
  • Manufacturing Test:
    • Production test of patch cords
    • Production test of Connector
    • Production test of Cable
    • Testing cable drums – Only test tool to perform RF dual-ended 300m or more cable lengths.