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All India Authorized Distributors for AEM Singapore Pte Ltd products –


  • AEM TestPro CV100
  • TERA 40G CAT 8 Certification
  • Wago Adapter – Long Cu cable up to 1.5 Kms testing
  • Manufacturing – Co-axial cable testing
  • Manufacturing – Patch cord testing
  • AEM NSA-Certilite
  • AEM MMVNA – 200
  • Manufacturing – CAT 6A RJ45 Jack testing (Intertek Certified)
  • Single Pair Ethernet and Automotive Ethernet Test
  • SR4 100G Fiber Optic cable Test Solution

Manufacturing refurbished equipment

Test and Measurement

  • Copper and Fiber optic cable certifiers for 1G / 10G and 100G
  • Power over Ethernet PoE digital IoT deployment test tools
  • Automotive Ethernet and Connector handheld test tools
  • Handheld Multi-Gigabit Ethernet testers
  • Legacy E1/T1/STM-1/STM-4 testers
  • 100G SR4 MM Fiber optic cable performance validation tool
  • Complete range of RF test and measurement tools
  • R&D and Lab solutions for the education segment
  • Calibration and Servicing

Network Visibility Solutions

  • Taps, Aggregators, and Packet Brokers – 10/100/1G/10G/40G and 100G


  • Flow Analytics Solutions – NetFlow and IPFiX
  1. IP Forensics
  2. Applications Performance analysis
  3. Security flow analytics
  4. Replicator and/or Proxy re-direction
  5. Deep Packet Inspection
  6. Probe Solution in both Virtual and Hardware version


  • Metadata High Availability Appliance Solutions
  1.  1G / 10G / 25G / 40G / 100G highly scalable appliance with capture capability upto 800Mbps in single 7U chassis
  2. Metadata Generator and Collector Appliance for different applications
  3. Metadata Generator functionality with flexible custom-built Protocol support with Open API / Rest API for Security applications
  4. Over 1000+ applications support and analysis in real-time with custom-built FPGA appliances
  5. Mobile protocols 3G/4G/5G and applications with Voice and Video analytics appliance solution
  6. Petadata storage capability with fastest flow retrieval in a few seconds


  • IoT Security:
  1.  Highly scalable 24/7 IoT security platform to monitor Millions of IoT devices over an entire network
  2. Honeypot analytics with over 60,000+ IoT specific signatures
  3. IoT security labs for education institutes
  4. IoT security for R&D labs



Warranty Certified

TestPro has been certified by industry leading cable manufacturers in support of their warranty programs.